Sports are Entertaining and Fun Essay

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Sports are Entertaining and Fun

Sports in society today can be entertaining to watch and also fun to play for both men and women of all ages. I am a person that takes sports very seriously in my life. I enjoy playing sports as much as I enjoy watching them on television. I started playing baseball when I was seven years old, and played up until I graduated high school. I also played basketball from fifth grade to a junior in high school. I think that I am so involved in sports because my family takes sports very seriously, and they got me involved in them at an early age. My Dad, Mom, brothers and cousins have all been active members of sports throughout their lives. We all enjoy doing anything involved with sports. It could be actively playing a sport, watching an event on television, or going and watching a sporting event with a group of people. I think we live in an area that has a large history of sports and many traditions and customs that go along with it. By living close to Pittsburgh my entire life I have been able to experience and appreciate the history and legacy that our sport teams have offered for so many years. I have been a huge fan of all the Pittsburgh sports teams for my entire life. I have been to numerous Pirate and Steeler home games with family and friends. I think this is why sporting events can be so entertaining because you get to spend quality time with your family and friends and share in all of the memories to come.

I want to find out if people have the same thoughts and opinions that I do about sports. I want to see if men take sports more seriously than women do, or is there a lot more women involved then we think. I want to find out what sports men and women like t...

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...understanding of what sports men and women like to play and watch, and how they feel towards them. After conducting ten surveys, two interviews, and an observation I have found out that mostly everyone does like at least one sport in some way. Mostly everyone does agree that sports are entertaining and fun to participate in. I noticed that many people like to watch and play a variety of sports instead of just one. Football seems to be the most favorite to watch among both men and women. Men seem to choose more physical sports to play whereas women choose more sports with higher skill levels. Overall I thought that the research went well because I did not come across any problems. Everyone was very cooperative when I collected my data. I thought that this was a fun experiment because I had a chance to see how men and women compared when it came to sports.

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