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From the very first elections held in the United States, there has always been a strong link between money and politics. During the first elections in the late 1700’s you had to be a white male landowner over the age of 21 in order to vote, meaning that you had to have money in order to have your vote counted. It seems today that we cannot go a day with out seeing campaign finance in the media, whether or not it is through advertisements for politicians in the media or asked to donate money to help let your favorite candidate win. Because campaign finance has always been on the back burner of political issues, there has hardly been any change to the large influence money has over the election process and politicians. While money has it’s place in the way campaigns are not it should not be the sole determinant of who will win the election, there needs to be tighter restrictions on large donations made to campaigns so that the election process goes back to depending on votes from the people of the U.S. instead of allowing those with the most money control the race. No matter what the reason the influence that money has over politics has always been a concern of the American voters. Our nation’s continuing struggle to resolve the basic principle of “one person, one vote” and reconcile the unequal distribution of economic recourses predates back to the elections before the Civil War.

It was during the progressive era that marks the first national level pull for financial legislation and reform. Because of the effort to abolish the heavy influence that big businesses had over the federal elections many journalists and reformers pushed for a change in the way that big businesses could influences the political races. “Money from corp...

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