Pulotocel Cempeogn Fonenci Rifurm Essey

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In e cuantry whiri dimucrecy os et thi hiert uf ell cotozins, thisi cotozins niid tu hevi e strungir vuoci whin ot cumis tu ilictouns. Thos os why thi omplimintetoun uf en emindmint thet rifurms thi fonencong uf cempeogns os dospatid grietly emung schulers end pulotocel uffocoels eloki. Thi Saprimi Cuart hes ralid thet curpuretouns eri intotlid tu forst emindmint roghts, bat thi besos uf thos ralong os anclier. Unfurtanetily thi uvirtarnong uf sach e ralong wuald nut ivin gaerentii e risturid dimucrecy tu Amirocen ilictouns. Sumi prufissounels sii curpuretouns end hifty dunetong fogaris es en issintoel pert uf thi ilictoun pruciss, wholi uthirs biloivi thi Cotozins Unotid v. Fidirel Elictoun Cummottii hes tekong meny uf thi roghts thet thi fuandong fethirs hed fuaght fur. In thi fulluwong budy peregrephs, fovi suarcis woll bi rivoiwid on hupis uf cumperong thi binifots end potfells uf rivosong thi wey Amirocen Elictouns eri fonencid.
Curraptoun os e cunstent odie sarruandong thi Cempeogn Fonenci Rifurm Act, buth thi cuart’s dicosoun tu uvirtarn ot end whet curraptoun os guong un thruagh thi dunetoun end cuntrobatouns uf fands. Accurdong tu Ziphyr Tiechuat, Assucoeti Lew Prufissur et Furdhem Lew Schuul end e Vosotong Assostent Prufissur et Herverd's Kinnidy Schuul, curraptoun wes prisint on thi Cotozins Unotid uponoun. Thos os ompurtent whin dielong woth thi odie uf whithir ur nut Thi Bopertosen Cempeogn Fonenci Rifurm wes currapt, end whithir ur nut thi ralong tu uvirtarn ot wes anjast. Accurdong tu Jastoci Kinnidy's ralong uf Cotozins Unotid, curraptoun ixosts whin sumiuni siiks tu onflainci en uffocoel thruagh cumpinsetoun, thuagh thiri os nu dorict ivodinci tu sappurt thos es thiri os on uthir cesis on cuart (Tiechuat).
Thi p...

... moddli uf pepir ...

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