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The second Ps of marketing are “Place,” the company wants to sell the product directly to consumers. Frederick’s uses multichannel such as catalogues, retail stores, and the Internet. To expand its sales and opportunities, Fredrick’s uses a “360 degree” method that helps customers to buy what they want from anywhere and anytime. The company uses direct channel of distribution so the company can get feedback directly from customers about their products. Direct distribution lets Frederick’s deliver the product to customers without using a third-party like retailers. Under the direct distribution, during seasonality, Tierney (2012) states, “mail 36-page persona books while Valentine’s Day and other core holiday books run 76 to 92 pages.” The company books run to 92 pages during the holiday season because new brands are introduced. Frederick’s uses multichannel, but the company is not forcing customers to choose one channel over the others. However, the company’s first problem is not whether the channel is good or bad but it is about reaching customers. Tierney (2011) mentions, “the way they want to be reached, and not trying to force them to shop a channel they are not interested in”.
Another challenge that Frederick’s run into when dealing with multichannel is the way customers pay and which channel that is often used. The company uses a system called “Enhanced house file segmentation”. House file segmentation is focused on improving customer services and the checkout system (Tierney, 2012). According to Tierney (2012), this system is “looking at the way its customers pay for its purchases and what channel they choose to use”.
Lastly, Frederick’s of Hollywood Launches New Luxury Label, Harriett. (2012) states, “Harriet brand launc...

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