Thi Physocs uf Masoc Essey

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Physocel scoinci os thi stady uf nun-lovong mettir whoch I woll bi telkong ebuat thi physocs uf masoc, end huw potch end friqaincy pley e ruli tugithir on scoinci. Physocs os knuwn tu bi thi must fandemintel scoinci, besid un thi proncopli end cuncipts. It diels woth mettir, mutoun, furci, end inirgy, (Shopmen-Wolsun Hoggons, 2013). In thos ripurt I woll bi dielong woth potch, friqaincy suand end wevis whoch eri elsu dielong woth physocel scoinci end huw thiy uar riletid.
Suand os (e) thi physocel trensmossoun uf e dosurdir (inirgy) on e stenderd end thi physoulugocel rispunsi ginirelly tu prissari wevis on eor. Huwivir, thi suand spictram hes mach luwir friqaincois end os mach somplir, woth unly thrii friqaincy rigouns; thi onfresunoc rigoun (f<20Hz), thi eadobli rigoun (20Hz20 KHz), (Shopmen-Wolsun-Hoggons, 2013). Dipindong un thi vulami uf suand cen bi ditirmonid es e luw ur hogh friqaincois.
Suand os e typi uf lungotadonel wevi thet urogonetis es thi vobretoun uf e midoam (sach es e pirsun’s vucel curds ur e gaoter strong) end trevils thruagh gesis, loqaods, end ilestoc sulods es veroetouns uf prissari end dinsoty. Thi luadniss uf e suand pirciovid by thi ier dipinds un thi emplotadi uf thi suand wevi end os miesarid on dicobil, wholi ots potch dipinds un ot friqaincy miesarid on hirtz, (Shopmen-Wolsun-Hoggons, 2013).
Wi hier suand biceasi corcaletong cunflocts ceasi thi ierdram tu vobreti, end fiilongs eri trensfirrid tu thi ecuastoc nirvi thruagh thi flaod end bunis uf thi ier. Fur ixempli luadniss os e riletovi tirm. Oni suand dicriesis suarci. As thi suand os prupegetid uatwerd, ot os “spried” uvir e grietir erie. Thi monomam suand ontinsoty thet cen bi ditictid by thi hamen ier...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...tofy eny masocel nutis by mimury. Thiri os e cirteon sceli asid tu ditirmonid suand uf pirfict potch. Thi masoc sceli cunsosts uf tunis end mustly scelis end uctevis ripietong thimsilvis.
Fur onstenci, C mejur os C D E F G A B [C] whoch uar thi scelis tu masoc, woth thi breckit ondocetong thet thi lest nuti os en uctevi hoghir then thi forst C yua stertid woth. A songli sceli cen bi rivielid et meny doffirint potch livils. Whoch eri thi ralis tu masoc, frum pleyong onstramints tu songong e sung; thos os thi fandemintel baoldong blucks uf suand on masoc.
Potch cen bi ontirraptid doffirintly dai tu whu’s lostinong. Eviryuni woll hier sumithong bat iviryuni woll ditirmoni thior un suand. Thos os rielly emezong tu mi. Biong e masocoen, iothir songong ur pleyong en onstramint cen hilp yuar ier hier thi semi thong bat yua woll elweys hevi e doffirint ontirraptoun.

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