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The Philippine news media today is at a state where they seem to be more and more fearless on their commentary and more vigilant in their society. Significant events, like the infamous Maguindanao massacre, where 57 people, including 34 journalists have been slain, and the recently concluded 2010 Philippine elections, where our nation opened another chapter as we inaugurated our 15th President in Benigno Simeon C. Aquino III, the Filipino people has grown immense awareness in the status of our country. They have also developed a new and cunning sense of nationalism as we all look to what the new administration has in store for us.
Broadcast media has also empowered the people to share news and their own views on what is happening in the society. ABS-CBN's “Bayan Mo, I-Patrol Mo” and GMA's “YouScoop” has vastly gained popularity persuading the people to help gather news and be a responsible citizen. This just shows how powerful the mass media, specifically the Web, has played in the nation building of this institution. In this sense, journalists, together with the Filipino people, has stepped into new heights, as they escaped the traditionalist norms like “envelopmental journalism” and “sensationalism” to form a new breed of valiant, objective and fair writers. Whether it may be print or broadcast journalism, these columnists are unparalleled in their duties to spread the news to the society in their social and moral obligation to spread the truth, and to inform the public on what is happening in their country.
Regardless of the studies made by the Committee to Protect Journalists which states that the Philippines is the second most dangerous place for correspondents, next only to Iraq, it is quite shocking that the number of “...

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...sense that in a newspaper, every news counts, and every story is keenly observed on what deserves to be put inside the newsprint. It is also because columnists and writers freely expresses their opinions and is not dictated by any other factors but only their hearts and minds. In this context, publishers and editors are also spared in the argument of prejudice for they are independent citizens who have no political alignment or inclination to any political party, making them genuine bearers of truth.
With this platform being set, added with the strong clamor for nationalism, transparency, and transformation in the coming Aquino administration, fresh faces in the field of journalism and the next generation of writers and columnists of the Philippine news media are expected to continue the legacy of unbiased reports, fearless commentaries and truthful news articles.

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