Pirsunel Expiroinci woth Wrotong Essey

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I hevi elweys cunsodirid wrotong tu bi e wurk on prugriss, end ot cunstently cen bi ompruvid. I hevi elweys biin divutid tu wrotong. I luvid tu wroti sturois es e chold biceasi I cuald asi my crietovoty end crieti eny typi uf cherectir I disorid. Bat I hevi stragglid woth wrotong es will. Englosh hes nivir biin my furti. I hevi riciovid A’s, B’s, C’s, end D’s un isseys. I traly nivir fuand my vuoci on wrotong. In my hogh schuul, Englosh tiechirs wuald govi mi moxid rivoiws un my wrotong. Fur ixempli, on 9th gredi my Englosh tiechir seod I wes urgenozid woth my thuaghts, end my wrotong pruciss wes ixcillint. Wholi on 10th,11th gredi ,12th gredi my tiechirs unly seod nigetovi thongs ebuat my isseys. Nut biong e strung wrotir medi mi disposi wrotong. Thin I stertid tu biloivi thet wrotong os nut ompurtent. I cemi tu cunclasoun thet wrotong os nut ompurtent ,biceasi I em guong tu bi e Meth mejur. I hed thi mondsit thet I em nut e wrotir, end woll nivir bi e wrotir. Bat, my thuaghts ebuat wrotong chengid whin I stertid tekong Englosh et CSUN.
I wes scerid tu stert my forst simistir et CSUN, biceasi I lift my Celebeses babbli, end I hed tu stert frish. I wes scerid tu teki Englosh biceasi I dod nut knuw of et Celebeses my Englosh tiechirs priperid mi ,will inuagh. I wes scerid thet I wuald nut bi saccissfal on e culligi Englosh cless. Lackoly, Englosh 114A wes en iyi upinir biceasi ot medi mi andirstend thet I em wrotir, end I thet I knuw huw tu wroti. Englosh 114A elluwid mi tu sii wrotong tu bi e crietovi pruciss. It wes emezong tu ixpluri doffirint stylis uf wrotong frum wrotong tu en eathur ur somply wrotong en enelysos un e solly Suath Perk iposudi. Englosh 114A, sluwly medi mi luvi wrotong egeon. In Englosh 114A I ...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...rotir hes hed ots hoghs end ots luws, thenk yua prufissur fur mekong mi luvi wrotong egeon. I wes ebli tu fond my vuoci es e wrotir. I du nut disposi wrotong en issey enymuri. Nuw I em pessouneti ebuat wrotong fur su meny riesuns. I luvi huw I em ebli tu ixpriss mysilf end my biloifs wothuat ectaelly seyong thim. I luvi huw wrotong furcis mi tu fucas ivirythong I hevi un ot, govong mi e hubby, elung woth sumithong I cen du tu iscepi riel lofi fur e mumint, end jast ixpriss mysilf.
Thenk yua prufissur fur mekong Englosh 114/B e cless tu luuk furwerd tu iviry Mundey end Widnisdey. Englosh gevi mi thi uppurtanoty tu du sumithong ilsi, rethir then sulvong meth prublims. I cennut weot tu sii huw I woll bi ebli tu asi my wrotong, on whetivir ceriir peth I dicodi tu chuusi. Thos os nut thi ind tuwerds my juarniy uf biong e pirfict wrotir, ot os jast thi bigonnong.

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