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To what extent do you consider that you have already started to develop the approaches of a critical practitioner? Analyse and evaluate your progress using examples from your work to illustrate your arguments.
For the purpose of this assignment I will consider how I have already started to develop as a ‘Critical Practitioner’. By this statement I would put forward how I am being ‘open minded’, use a ‘reflective approach’ that takes account of ‘different perspectives, experiences and assumptions’ (Glaister cited in the reader pg 8). I will discuss how my practice has developed and has been influenced by K315 course materials such as Barnett’s three domains of critical practice, action, reflexivity and analysis (Barnett cited in Glaister in the Reader p. 13) as key aspects of understanding the complexities involved in practicing critically. I will also discuss the importance of Glaister’s three pillars of everyday practice, ‘Forging of relationships’, ‘empowering others’ and ‘making a difference’. (Glaister cited in the reader pp. 17-21). I will analyse and evaluate my progress using examples from my practice learning opportunity in a Criminal Justice setting which will illustrate ways in which I have begun to demonstrate the autonomy required of a qualified worker, ‘respecting others as equal’s and the ‘open and not knowing approach’ (Glaister cited in the reader pp 12-14) whilst working to SiSWE standards. I will conclude by demonstrating why as a Critical Practitioner and reflective thinker I have been able to make informed judgements that seek to empower the service user, allowing them to take account of their views whilst balancing the complexity of professional power issues.

I will begin by discussing ‘J’...

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