Pedophilia and Technology: Advances in Technology Enables Pedophiles Greater Access to Children

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Psychological disorders can exceed more than to just a person with a disorder that needs medication to regulate. Specific disorders not only can hurt the person who suffers from it but it may hurt others around as well. There are many psychological disorders that may be harmful and dangerous to society or a community but the most common one is pedophilia. “Pedophilia is defined as a persistent sexual interest in prepubescent children, manifested in thoughts, fantasies, urges, sexual arousal or sexual behavior” (Seto 164-165). Pedophilia has been going on for years and crimes have been expanding throughout these years. In today’s society, the growth of the technology has extended the activities of pedophiles and promoted crimes against children due to the communication that new technology allows.
In the 1950s, pedophiles who were looking for victims to act upon, they would have to go to a local park, playground, or even school yard. Doing so involved certain risks for them because they can be spotted by parents, teachers, school workers, or any adult in general. Now the location where pedophiles look for their victims is at the World Wide Web which makes it easier to gain access with young children and safer for them not to get caught. “There appear to be four ways in which pedophiles are misusing the internet: to traffic child pornography, to locate children to molest, to engage in inappropiate sexual communication with children, and to communicate with other pedophiles” (Durkin)
On the internet, pedophiles won’t have to worry about anyone spotting them or getting them in trouble with the law. Computer Crime Research Center mentions that “as more children sign online and become netizens, the potential for exploitation by offe...

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...ication” (Wilcockson).
There are many dangers that people can encounter on the internet. Parents, young children, and teachers now face a new region of hazard that may lead to more of these crimes. “Online communication can take place in a variety of forms: electronic mail (e-mail), chat rooms, newsgroups, mail exploders, and the World Wide Web” (Lowenstein). With the expansion of technology of computers, along comes the internet that allows further communication among strangers. Pedophiles also use scanners, printers, and digital cameras to use for their activities. While the new technology expands, pedophiles now seem to have been on the prowl obsessively, and the crimes they commit against young children have increased. The computer and the internet is not only a useful machine for education and knowledge but it is now the key that excels crimes in pedophilia.

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