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The paparazzi have been so much looked upon for interfering with people’s lives especially celebrities but, the world still has to know that there are more of the paparazzi than professional journalists. Everyone can choose to be paparazzi with this era of cameras but not everyone can choose to be a professional journalist because it requires a good level of education. The paparazzi have however, dominated the world with their wired ideas of following up people. But it is very important to know what prompts them to do this.
Paparazzo or paparazzi is an Italian word that describes photojournalists who are free lensed and do photography of celebrities, politicians, and famous people. Most of the time, they do this individually and do not work for any media house or organization. But, they take pictures and sell them to newspapers, magazines, and some book publishing companies.They mostly engage in gossip besides following up people to find evidence. However, they are the most despised media practitioners”. (Mendelson, 2007, p. 170). On the other hand, a professional journalist is that skilled journalist who takes and uses photographs to tell a news story and does not go against any journalistic ethics.
According to (MCcairley, 2009, p.5) the work of photo journalists has become subject to increased restrictions from both states, and private bodies following recent terrorist incidents. In regard to this statement has been the increase of paparazzi because they want to shoot photographs and sell. Photojournalists have been restricted in taking photographs for security reasons and thus the paparazzi take advantage of the situation.
Paparazzi have always and will always be the “scape goats” (Henry Flores, a popular paparazz...

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... public, just in the same way photojournalists do. Henry Flores an American paparazzi wrote in his article (Paparazzo, our work should be respected) demanding for respect of the paparazzi from the public

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