Overpopulation and Education: The Birth Control Solution Essay

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In 2011, our world population reached a staggering 7 billion. Before then, our population was already concerned about limited resources and paranoia about the future. Many were and still are “going green.” Amongst coming to a population of 7 billion came the term overpopulation. The term basically speaks for itself, we might be over populated. But, is overpopulation a problem; if so, what can we do about it? Today, I will be presenting about overpopulation, including statistics, and the effects taken on the economy. Along with talking about the issue, I want to present to you possible solutions which may even take us back in history.
Overpopulation can be defined as the comparison of our population and the amount of resources used. We are overpopulated and have too many people for our amount of resources. “It seems we are running out of room on this planet of ours” (Flostro,1).
Our birth rates climb and we get bigger and bigger. We have our biggest issue, overpopulation. Many believe that expanding our areas and cities are the answer to any overcrowding issues. The more we expand the more natural resources we use. We are rapidly losing our natural resources (Flostro, 1).
On Earth our fresh water supply is disappearing. “There is more people consuming water, however, than being replaced” (Flostro, 1). Along with our fresh water disappearing so is our biodiversity. “As the population grows there is more demand for certain plants” (Flostro, 1). The damper on our biodiversity comes from the rapid demand for plants, trees, food, and crops. Landfills are also taking up lots of space and many communities are running out of room for their waste.
I decided to look into this theologically and read Kristen Johnston Largen’s article ti...

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...a major issue with balance and consumption. Solutions need to be taken into consideration. Whether it’s a defined law on population control, or simply having contraceptives readily available for those who can’t get access; something needs to be done. The solutions can be easy or hard but there is proof that their existence could work. We have options, now it’s time to do something about it.

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