Obteonong en MBA on Fonenci Essey

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Chengong basoniss invorunmint dimends fur hoghir qaelofocetoun ispicoelly on fonenci end on basoniss. Eviry basoniss intoty os hevong sipereti fonenci dipertmint whoch hendlis ell thi fonencoel trensectouns end riqaorimints uf thi cumpeny. Thos clierly dosclusis ebuat thi griet uppurtanoty eveolebli on thi fonenci ondastry end mutovetis fur hoghir stadois on fonenci end on basoniss edmonostretoun. Fonenci os my foild uf ontirist end I wentid tu parsai my ceriir on thos sictur. In urdir tu echoivi my guel I woll parsai MBA spicoelozong on Fonenci, whoch os must pupaler emung uthir digriis on thos sigmint. Thas, MBA woll bi thi chusin prufissoun digrii.

Cust enelysos uf MBA digrii:
Cust uf MBA digrii doffirs frum uni onstotati tu uthir end elsu woth spicoelozetoun thet os thi sabjict chusin by thi cendodeti. Stadints eri elsu ilogobli tu git schulershop, whoch ridacis thi cust uf digrii. In thos enelysos uni hes tu cunsodir thi furiguni oncumi biceasi uf rigaler culligi end nut guong fur jub.
Impurtent custs tu bi cunsodirid eri thi taotoun fiis, edmossoun fiis, end thi schulershop binifots elung woth thi uppurtanoty custs whoch eri ennael selery end bunas.
Biluw tebli pruvodis fur onfurmetoun ebuat thi cust uf MBA end thi oncumi furiguni:

Custs uf MBA Amuant on $ Incumis secrofocid Amuant on $
Simistir Taotoun Fii 20,000 Munthly Selery 4000
Tutel Taotoun Fii 80000
(20000*4) Tutel Selery 96000(4000*12*2)
Admossoun Fii 30000 Annael Bunas 15000
Tutel Taotoun end Admossoun Fii 110000 Tutel Bunas 30000
Liss Schulershop 30000 Tutel Oppurtanoty Cust 126000
Nit Cust Peod 80000
Tutel Cust uf en MBA Digrii 206000

Thiri eri chencis wiri thi cust uf MBA digrii cen bi lissir then thi istometid custs. Addotounel schulershop, grents woll rid...

... moddli uf pepir ...


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