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Nutrition in public health:
Ensure that students acquire specific knowledge for the analysis of food and nutrition problems in population groups.
Identify the causal factors of the state of nutrition in communities.
Be able to take part in the planning and programming for prevention and control activities within the field of nutrition in public health.
I. Concept of public health:
Historical evolution. Population and food. Quality of life and socioeconomic development.
II. Nutrition in the context of public health:
Scope. Health team.
III. Health planning and programming:
Program process. Application of nutrition programs in public health.
IV. Risk approach:
Concept nutrition risk factors: absolute risk., Relative risk and attributable.
V. Primary Health Care:
Concept. Application to nutrition. Experiences in the country.
VI. Food Surveillance System - Nutrition:
Concept. Types of systems and its application. Indicators and data source. Experience in Latin America.
VII. Food Policy - Nutritional
Concept. Planning process. Programming. Possible nutritional interventions. Sectors involved. Impact assessment.
VIII. Nutritional programs:
Concept. National nutrition programs. National Food Program. Mother-child program and program of social promotion and nutrition.

Nutrition practices in public health:
Train students to planning and scientific solution about nutrition problems in population groups.
Acquire skill in performing administrative functions and techniques.
Identify and use direct and indirect methods used to assess the nutritional status of the individual and the community.
Understand the effects of individual and malnutrition level ...

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...erative diseases.
Health and economic welfare.
Influence on the health budget which causes obesity and need to take into account their existence in health programs.
IX. The role of atherosclerosis in health policy and in particular in food politics:
Levels of prevention through consumer habits.
Rehabilitation policy and outreach population.
The correlation hypertension and nutrition.
X. Epidemiology of cancer specific sites and their relation to consumer habits:
Primary and secondary prevention by changes in the ways of nourishment.
XI. Epidemiology of diabetes:
Social cost. Possibility of reducing the incidence by the diffusion of norms found within the politics of health and nutrition.
XII. Role of nutrition specialists in food policy:
Its role as a social communicator ..
Tasks to develop in the primary, secondary, treatment and recovery.

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