Nuclear Power Plants, America’s Solution Essay

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There are millions of people who contribute to a large bias against nuclear technology and would prefer the continued use of natural resources. The “use of nuclear power continues to be a highly debatable topic especially because of the recent developments that have resulted in the misuse of nuclear energy produced“ ( Malyshkina, 2010). In the face of nuclear energy’s societal uncertainty, this new advancement in technology offers many benefits for a world that has dwindling natural resources at a rapid rate. According to a study from the University of California-Davis, “at the current pace of research and development, global oil will run out 90 years before replacement technologies are ready“ (Malyshkina, 2010). Why shouldn’t people embrace scientifically produced forms of energy as a sustainable, socially progressive idea? But opposition to change in the form of modern technological advancement concerning anything nuclear is disheartening.
In essence, most believe that in the era before huge strides in technological advancements, man was to live off of the earth and reap from its’ abundance of resources. Since then, technology, population, and economic growth has outpaced the Earth’s ability to replenish its’ resources. Hence, the need for the use of man invented devices and technologies to help the massive gap of available resources and actual need and usage among the inhabitants of Earth. Man-made invented items have proven to be successful and uncertain. It’s this acknowledgement of uncertainty that has led towards the enduring resistance to nuclear energy technologies. Those opposed to the use of nuclear energy find nuclear energy as a least favorite possible solution due to its’ ability to have unintended consequences and...

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