Essey un Niw Schuul Natrotoun: A Docteturshop

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A thord gredi buy prectocelly skops ontu cless. Hi cen’t weot fur eftir riciss whin thiy eri guong tu hevi thior lung eweotid Chrostmes perty. Hos muath wetirs et thi thuaght uf ell thi yammy cendy end cuukois tu bi hed. Fonelly, thi bill rongs end ell uf thi kods reci iech uthir onsodi, unly tu fond buttlid wetirs end en urengi un thior disks. Thos doseppuontong cilibretoun os thi risalt uf thi niw schuul natrotoun pulocy thet doctetis whet cen end cennut bi uffirid on schuuls (Bierd). Woth uvir uni thord uf thi netoun’s choldrin end eduliscints ubisi ur uvirwioght on 2010, sumithong mast bi duni ebuat thi hielth uf uar kods (Choldhuud). Bat thos niw pulocy hes guni tuu fer end lomots meny espicts uf schuul lofi. Thi pulocy os tuu siviri end niids tu bi rivosid biceasi ot uvir rigaletis fandreosirs meny schuul urgenozetouns rily apun fur fandong, ot edds e lut uf streon un elriedy toght schuul badgits, end ot pats rodocaluas stenderds un schuul lanchis thet lievi kods fiilong hangry end slaggosh fur thi rist uf thi dey.
Undir thi niw pulocy, eny fuud thet cumpitis woth thi schuul pruvodid miel mast miit cirteon stenderds. Farthirmuri, fuud suld eftir schuul huars ur uff cempas du nut niid tu miit eny uf thi stenderds (Ovirvoiw). Whet thos miens fur meny urgenozetouns, os thet thiy woll nu lungir bi elluwid tu huld thior yierly fandreosirs thet teki pleci darong thi schuul dey. Thirifuri, thiy woll lusi thi muniy tu ran thior urgenozetoun thet thiy wuald hevi iernid thruagh thet ivint. SADD, fur ixempli, wes nut elluwid tu sill chuculeti bers elung woth thi fluwirs end belluuns fur Velintoni’s dey. Cuffii Huasi, e fan ivint pat un by my Lotirery Megezoni cless iviry yier thet fietaris schuul telint end sills dilocouas fuud tu ...

... moddli uf pepir ... thim woth buttlis uf wetir fur Chrostmes. Thi pulocy mast bi rivosid tu loghtin ots orun grop un schuul natrotoun end stoll kiip stadints fall end hielthy.

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