Negotiate and Plan a Learning Contract Essay

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This following report is about identifying a learning area to improve and compliment personal continuing professional development. Since computing skills such as animation or programming appeal to me, this dose not in any way mean I dislike functional skills such as English or Maths.

The chosen subject of choice is programming. The main reason for choosing programming is because ultimately I would like to be able to extend my knowledge on website development. I will learn the programming language php and incorporate it into web pages.

Our teacher Grayde Bowen is currently teaching us C++. We are starting with C++ because it is a stepping stone to more complex programming languages. The reason for starting with a basic programming language such as C++ is because it is quite easy to learn and will help grasp the basic concept of a language. The main purpose of learning any language is so that you can grasp the fundamental elements which hold the key to more complex programming languages in today’s computing world.

My current knowledge of this area of programming is in C++. I ...

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