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After taking the StrenghtsQuest and the Holland Interest Inventory I have realized a lot of points that I’ve never realized before. I have realized there are certain things that I did know about but I just never justified the interest in knowing about it. After much consideration I’m honestly not sure if my career that I’m looking into is really what is going to fit my profile. I’m going to tell you my top three scores from the Holland Interest Inventory and the top five StrengthsQuest.
I took the Holland Interest Inventory first and my top three characteristics that match me are Social, investigative, and Realistic. Starting with the social characteristic, it completely demonstrates me because I love being with people and I have great skills with working with people and helping with problems. I do “prefer to solve problems through feelings and interpersonal manipulation of others. I was at one time drawn to becoming a social worker and I still am in a certain way. I have no idea if that will honestly fit with my career since I’m a person that loves to help other than being an Administrative Medical Assistant.
My next characteristic is Investigative and I don’t see much of me being that type of person except certain aspects of the description. I do like to work alone rather than working with a group since I rather get things done quick and easily, and also that I know that I can depend on myself to get things done rather than hoping that half of the other task does get completed. I do sometimes feel that my leadership skills are not always very good than what they should be. Only reason I feel this is from past experiences I have faced that have showed me that I’m part of the crowd than being outside and different from socie...

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.... I think that this is something that would look good in my career because I will be meeting people in a medical office everyday and that’s a good skill to have no matter what field you go into. I do have a social flair in me so I think that it is a good characteristic to have in the work place and in personal lives.
The question is “Does your strengths and interests fit your career?” I think that every single characteristic or interest listed here would be more of a job in social working, counseling, or something along those lines. I feel that my major and future career is something that only maybe one or two interest and strengths would actually fit into my profile. So I’m thinking that I might have to rethink my major to make sure it is a good idea and something that I’m going to willing to be able to do for my future success and goals that I want to achieve.

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