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My Old Primary school is a state primary school this is a free to attend school but you must meet a set of criteria to be eligible.
Child must be registered as a dependant.
Child must live with you.
You must show you can accommodate and support your child financially. (online)

There are a few more regulations that may have needed to be met by certain families. Generally if you could not afford to pay for your child's education then your child went to a state school.

My old Primary school was based in Northampton, it was surrounded by house which formed a border around the school field, we had two major parks near the site it had one main road for entry which generally was extremely busy throughout the day. The site itself had a main school building a separate sports, and home for the caretaker and his family. The school also had tennis courts, hockey pitch and a huge sports field that was used for cricket, rugby and football.

There seemed to be no restrictions with regards to social class of people that attended my old school but generally you would find middle and lower class social groups. Middle class is a set of people in the middle of social hierarchy. And lower class which is also known as working class refers to people at the bottom of the social hierarchy – Great British class survey, wikipedia. The ability of pupils varied as there is such a broad group of intake but generally those that went to state school were deemed less knowledgeable than those who went to private school.

Rules and regulations
My old primary school uniform consisted of black shoes, trousers and socks, white shirt and red and gold tie, my old uniform was based on the socialist way of thinking and was compulsory to me going to a state school, we had many rules and regulations some of which as follows.
No running
No talking during lessons
No eating in classrooms
No large ball (tennis ball accepted)
No fighting
Must look presentable at all times
No trainers
If we did not follow these rules and many others that we had in place that there were various consequences or punishments that were used depending on the severity of the incident.

My old primary school staff had a mix of male and female teachers their ages ranged from mid 20’s to retirement age. We had a lot of strict and uptight teachers that can be described of having authoritarian tendencies this means the teacher is seen as punitive and restrictive (wenning C,J 1998).

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I had a few permissive teachers but not many they were less punitive and had a lack of involvement and had few demands on students. The majority of the teachers wore either a suit, a shirt and tie or smart office dress and they needed to be well groomed. The teachers always seemed to be able to jump the cue whilst we had to wait to get lunch but the most annoying thing about the staff was they got to sit on chairs during assembly whilst we had to sit on the floor cross legged.

If you were caught doing something wrong it would have resulted in a detention (varying length) or a trip to the head teacher if a more serious incident occurs. You could get put on report, have letters sent home or in extreme cases you may have been suspended or expelled.

I can't remember that much as i was generally in the middle of the group with regards to work, but i would occasionally get a positive comments and feedback or paper stars.

My favourite teacher
This was a male p.e teacher he had authoritative style of teaching which meant he was strict but had a clear statements on why certain things were or were not acceptable in school but always had a strong student teacher relationship.

My least favourite teacher
Another male teacher who was very strict and quite a cold person, who was hard to approach and interact with. He always wore brown Suits he had a big professor like beard it was well maintained though and hair like my dad which was laced with brylcreem

My favourite pupil
I had many friends at school but my favourite has to be my best friend and neighbour , we spent a lot of time playing sports at school, we used to walk too and from school together, he was well mannered and we enjoyed doing thing together.

My least favourite pupil
This was a little boy who had a gang of thugs because i was quite a big child this group of children found it hilarious to pick on me both mentally and physically throwing things and trying to fight me.

My favourite official activity
Quite simply P.E i loved it, sports are my thing and i am quite talented at the sports i play. My primary school offered various sports including

My least favourite official activity
This could be a few including history and geography, but it has to be re i find boring and tedious, i have never really been a religious person.

My favourite unofficial activity
Football using footballs during break and lunch, footballs were banned and we were expected to use tennis balls. We would hide the footballs and play when no teachers were in our area of the field, when they came round as part of their circuit we would simply put it in the bushes until they went again, obviously our plan was floored and many footballs got confiscated.

My good behaviour
I was a good student, always very polite and completed my work on time, I would help teachers when required, i have been brought up with very strong values which were in place even at a relatively young age. I never had a detention or any form of punishment during this period of school life.

My bad behaviour
I've never got into trouble during my time in primary school, you could say i was a golden boy generally kept myself to myself unless a teacher needed something. i only ever got two detentions during school life and they were in upper school in northampton.

My achievements

I don't really recall many achievements apart from i did well enough in many subjects to be in the middle set and not the bottom. I did acquire quite a lot of certificates for achievements in sport due to my participation in a lot of sports teams during my school years.

Inclusion and exclusion

I was very popular at school as i got on with most students and teachers, I usually got picked first by my friends when picking teams, even though i didn’t mingle too much i did have a little circle of friends that i knocked around with at times I was somewhat of a “ teachers pet” and often helped out when needed this could have been anything from opening a door to helping out during a lesson this meant i had a very good time at school and i wasn’t really excluded from anything.

How I matured/grew up
This is hard to answer but feel it has played a big part in making me the person i am today, i gained confidence, and learnt a lot of valuable lessons at a time that they needed to be learnt. I built strong bridges at primary school emphasised by the fact i went back to my old primary school for two lots of work experience whilst i was at secondary school a lot of my old teachers were still their.

My strength and weaknesses

I think my main weakness during this time that i would let things get to me like the bullying. I was quite a lazy person with regards to written work and lessons that i found boring and very tedious at times. I
feel i have got over this as i have grown up as i'm a lot more confident about myself and i am more aware of what i can achieve with my life . I have always been a polite and genuine person, I get on with everybody and have few enemies “ what you see is what you get” this has never changed and never will.

What i would do differently if i could return to the stage of my education
The main changes that i would make if i had this opportunity are work harder, i do feel i never tried enough and i could have been more successful, I never pushed myself and their fore underachieved. The other is to deal with the bullies better, i would talk most probably look to teachers this time round so that they could deal with what was going on during this time and not keep it too myself, as they made life quite miserable for me.

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References - website
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