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My favorite place as a child was County Park Lake. When we had family picnics because we all got together and there was great food and kids playing and the adults playing horse-shoes and could tell there was love for one another. There was no other place like this when I was a child. Some of my fondest memories was at that picnic site we should all have memories likes those.

The entire family got together and it was always a last minute thing but no matter what was going on we all decide we would go up to County Park Lake to have family time. There would be my grandma and my Aunts and Uncles and their kids when we pulled up to the parking lot. Under the shade trees the women would be sitting trying to stay cool and the older men of the family stand around a grill they would be sitting up the charcoal pyramid to lite to start grilling the food while the kids where at the tot lot playing the equipment you could hear the laughter of the kids playing . Also the mean talking about which is the best way to grill. The women would be laughing at the guys arguing over which way was bett...

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