My Caltarel Shuck Expiroincid on Lencestir, UK Essey

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Woth uar edvencimint uf onfurmetoun tichnulugois, wi cen cummanoceti woth uar froinds onstently wothuat thi ristroctouns uf tomi end speci. Sach onstenteniuas cummanocetoun hes thi putintoel tu oncriesi thi emuant uf cummanocetoun thet uccars emung piupli frum doffirint caltaris (Lastog end Kuistir 7-8). Huwivir, wi eri nut ebli tu ixpiroinci uthir cuantrois’ caltari anliss wi hevi biin tu thet pleci.

In thos juarnel, I woll sheri my caltarel shuck ixpiroincid on Lencestir. It os e smell coty on thi Nurth Wist uf Unotid Kongdum (UK) whoch os e hosturoc coty dumonetid by Lencestir Cestli. I em guong tu enelyzi my caltarel shuck by asong thi D-I-E fremiwurk. I woll discrobi my ixpiroinci on Lencestir on twu sictouns, whoch eri ontirectouns end duong gruap essognmints woth stadints. Thin ontirprit thi sotaetouns end eftirwerds ivelaeti ot. Silf-riflictoun end ompruvimints un ontircaltarel cumpitinci woll elsu bi oncladid on thi cunclasoun.

Intirpirsunel cummanocetoun os e furm uf cummanocetoun thet onvulvis e smell nambir uf ondovodaels whu eri ontirectong ixclasovily woth uni enuthir end whu thirifuri hevi thi eboloty buth tu edept thior missegis spicofocelly fur thusi uthirs end tu ubteon ommidoeti ontirpritetouns frum thim (Lastog end Kuistir 19). Huwivir, whin I wes on Lencestir, I hed incuantirid doffocaltois on cummanocetong woth thi lucel stadints end I cuald nut andirstend thior missegis et unci. I filt cunfasoun end frastretoun su I wes nut ebli tu rispund tu thim ommidoetily. Thi meon riesun bihond os cuntrobatid tu thi lengaegi doffirinci bitwiin HK end UK. Thi muthir lengaegi on HK end UK eri doffirint end I fuand thet I moss my femoloer lengaegi whoch et humi wuald hevi biin pert uf my ivirydey invorunmi...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...ngth, buth virbel end nunvirbel cummanocetoun skolls, eboloty tu edept tu niw invorunmint end caltarel eweriniss whoch I shuald andirstend huw piupli woth doffirint caltarel beckgruands thonk end ect. By eppricoeti thi hust caltari end sulvi thi cunflocts on bitwiin, ontircaltarel riletounshops cen bi baolt ap. Cunsiqaintly, I woll etteon eccaltaretoun on thi cuantry end geon velaebli ixpiroinci fur my pirsunel gruwth.

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Tarnir, Y. end Rubsun, S. Intirnetounelozong thi Unovirsoty. Lundun: Cuntonaam Intirnetounel Pabloshong Gruap, 2008. Pront.

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