Essay on The Morphing Media and Manipulation: From Information To Entertainment

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What is the media in contemporary America? Media is the essential source of information about what is going on in America and the world. The media is where the vast majority of the people receive their information and news. The manipulation of the media can promote the death of freedom in modern America. The media is a great tool for information, but people should not give nearly all of their faith in them. The media evolved from an information channel to an entertainment source. Nearly every single media is revised by some high power such as the government. Most small children are becoming worse due to the influence of the media. Over the years, media has become more manipulative toward their viewers, trying to impose a one sided story in which they only want the people to listen to. The most power in the United States would go to the government because they are the top commanding what needs to be done. This being said, the government can control the media to only view what they want the people to see, limiting the truth and a one-sided opinion. In the novel It Can’t Happen Here by Sinclair Lewis, he depicts fear will compel the people to abandon their freedom to be secure from any harm. The manipulation of the media is greatly to blame, distributing fear to the people so the government can be in control of them.
In an article about mass media, the author believes mass media is a significant tool in society. “It is through mass media we learn about a wide range of issues such as politics, war, natural disasters, health, crimes, achievements, sports, arts, and famine” (Kamilipour). In modern America, most Americans rely on some kind of mass media to be aware of the outside world. Do the majority of the Americans know what i...

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