Minorities and Affirmative Action Essay

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So what is exactly the affirmative action? It is a practice of improving the educational and job opportunities of member of groups that have not been treated fairly in the past because of their race, sex, and nationality. Many people argue that there is no more discrimination in the United States of America, such as we have an African American president, all races have equal opportunity to attend college, attain a work and so on. However, no one can forget the past especially when every ethnic group has a history of suffering and now it can be seen statistically based on collegiate attendance and income levels basis. Nevertheless, the new president is only a small step forward in to the future because many women and minorities are still not considered equal in the society. Hence, it is argued that affirmative action should not be applied anymore because it creates even higher racism in college where minorities are admitted over abilities. It sounds as true as it may be, however no one chooses to be raised in a neglecting family, in a bad environment with no way to get out and start a new life. And this is what college admissions may provide to these kind of people, a change. That is why, affirmative action is still needed because no matter how many laws can be enacted America still has racism, and it gives minorities the boost they need. People do have a potential to work hard and many of them are intelligent however they just need a little help to quit the past and abuse that may hold them down. Ultimately, affirmative action is still needed because it supports racial equality, gives minority students a chance for a better life, and helps women to be equally treated.
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