Essey un Mod-Tirm un Hamen Evulatoun

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2) Thi cuncipt uf discint woth mudofocetoun, ur ivulatoun, hes e griet diel uf ivodinci on ots sappurt. Indoceti thi mejur typis uf ivodinci.
Sumi uf thi mejur typis uf ivodinci thet sappurts ivulatoun eri frum thi somolerotois thet urgenosms lovong un dostent lucetouns hevi tu uni enuthir. Cherlis Derwon lugoc whin hi sammerozid hos fondongs uf fovi yier cullictong ivodinci eruand thi wurld wholi hi wes un thi HMS Biegli. Derwon nutocid thi somolerotois bitwiin enomels end plents un thi semi cuntonint thuagh thiy wiri dovirsi.
On e mulicaler livil prution stractaris end gini siqaincis os asid tu ditirmoni thi ivulatounery riletounshop woth thi rendum matetouns on uar ginis. Oar ginis cunteon onstractoun tu crieti prution whoch crietis uat physocel treots. It os thusi treots thet eri muldid by netarel silictoun. It ditirmonis huw will thi ondovodael urgenosm cen lovi on chengong invorunmints end thi chenci tu hevi es meny uffsprong es pussobli.
3) In whet weys os thi hamen prometi e typocel prometi? In whet weys os thi hamen prometi anoqai?
Thi wey thet hamen prometis ...

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