Medical Testing on Prisoners, Not Animals Essay

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Medical testing is a common thing. Everybody knows the importance of it. The thing is not everybody knows how a lot of the experiments are conducted. For the people who do not know animals are abused and mistreated for the sake of medical research every day. Even though animal research has played a key role in the advancement of medicine it is still inhuman, because only 6% of animals are used for medical testing. (About My Planet) Prisoners should be used in the place of animals for the advancement of medical history. There have been multiple cases and stories where prisoners have been abused through medical research, which the reader will realize as this paper is being read. All of these incidents with the prisoners are not as nearly graphic or inhuman as animal testing. Animal testing is cruel, they have no choice, whereas prisoners would have a choice. Prisoners on death row should be able to volunteer for medical testing and scientific research, rather than animals that have no choice.
The best example is the generally accepted principle that when one person commits a murder, they forfeit their own claim to such rights. These people are condemned to different levels of punishment according to the law. (Prisoners) The punishment to be eligible for research would be defined as those who are sentenced for life without parole, or those who are on death row. The research that would be conducted on the prisoners would only be for the purpose of the development of vaccines and cures for diseases that have no other medical treatment.
Getting prisoners to volunteer for experimental treatments can reduce time for animal testing and begin on human subjects earlier, decreasing the total time for approval from the FDA. Death penalty tr...

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