Media Ownership and Content Regulation Essay

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Originally, the internet was anticipated to be a vast space full of endless information and content available for all users. Perhaps that was the intention but as laws and regulations within countries update and change, it also has an affect on the internet usage of countries. Various types of content policing has been attempted, within this has been many attempts at censoring the internet by government officials and more times than not they have been overruled my the public. But in the area of media content, (i.e movies and television) internet users have started using more underground and (usually) illegal routes to obtaining the content not easily accessible within their country. In this essay I will be examining the critical engineering behind obtaining content not accessible within our country, the concentration of media ownership and the censorship of internet content overall in relation to the media object known as Netflix.
American media content can take a very long time for it to migrate into Canada and usually, once it does arrive, we still do not obtain even half of what they have initially. Canadian Netflix is by no means any different. Canadians were thrilled to be able to use Netflix at long last because of the highly reviewed American Netflix. Canadians were under the impression not only would they finally have Netflix but it would be with the same American content, including current popular American broadcasts. However, this was not the case. Canadian content was considerably less than American, with very little new releases within movies, and television shows were extremely lacking in comparison to its American counterpart. This is important to note as this lack of popular American content is one of the primary r...

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...ogramming and editorial content in a number of platforms to increase efficiency, increase their potential ideological clout to decrease diversity and inhibit dissent; and build significant barriers to entry for new enterprises or competitors.

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