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The 1940 set in time book, Cry, the Beloved Country’s title by Alan Paton have intrigued yet perplexed readers over the years. The title itself has several meanings especially to the different readers and their understanding of it. The title not only expresses the importance but also plays a role in capturing the concept of the book. The reason why the title is significant because in one line it demonstrates the depth of the conflict between the people and their country, though the use of style in grammar and vocabulary it essentially shows the theme and tone and helps the reader have an idea of what the book is about.
The grammar of the title acts as a hook for readers. The title is interesting already because of the peculiar grammar. The noteworthy thing about it is the meaning of the title. There are endless possibilities of what people may view it as. One way it is understood is as is, “Cry, the Beloved Country.” When it is shortened to a simpler version it can be comprehended that it means “Cry, the Country.” One peculiar thing about the grammar on the title is that instead of being just a normal independent clause, which is subject + verb it turns out to be verb + subject. Not only is that uncommon but also automatically means that it would have great significance as to why it is the way that it is. It can also be looked at, as there are many grieving and bitterness in the country. Because the words are put in such an odd way one can never be to sure what the book is about but the tone and background can be assumed on the novel before even reading it. The way the title it put together as shows that there is great importance put into it and it isn’t just an ordinary title. Alan Paton put it in the way only he would know the...

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...the tone throughout the book is not something pleasant but something bitter and sad.
Throughout the book, social breakdown between families and racial oppression is viewed. The significance the title brings about it through the style of vocabulary and grammar, theme and tone are clearly shown. The book shows the chaos and destruction of the areas of Johannesburg and Ndotsheni. Although it can be stated that even through that entire people still cry and support their (beloved) country. Showing how the people still remain supportive of where they are at even if there is so much destruction and chaos of social and racial oppression. The title “Cry, the Beloved Country” shows so much more of what was intended, with one line, three words, one can get so much out of it, the book is in one line, which makes it uniquely significant and important in relations to the book.

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