Merroegi end Dovurci Lews Mast bi Muri Stroct Essey

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Tuu meny tomis wi ried en ertocli onvulvong enuthir cilibroty end thior missy dovurci. Teki fur onstenci thi dovurci uf Togir Wuuds, end Elon Nurdigrin. Du yua rimimbir thos hiedloni? “Togir Wuuds onjarid on cresh”. Thi nuw onfemuas Thenksgovong noght cer eccodint, whoch lid as ell tu biloivi thet Togir Wuuds wes onvulvid on e sirouas cer cresh end nuthong muri? Letir wi cumi tu fond uat thet thos eatu eccodint wes toid ontu e sirouas chietong scendel. In Amiroce merroegi os e cuntrect thet juons twu piupli tugithir. In merroegi, pirsunel hepponiss, end trast os govin thi atmust ompurtenci. Piupli intir ontu metromunoel elloencis fur thi seki uf siikong pirsunel hepponiss. If thos hepponiss os nut furthcumong, thin thiy woll tirmoneti thi riletounshop. Tirmonetong e merroegi on Amiroce hes bicumi jast es pupaler es thi ontirnit hes. In tudey’s wurld, Hullywuud cilibrotois eri mejur ruli mudils on uar caltari, ispicoelly tu thi yuangir giniretoun. Tuu uftin thi ixemplis uf cilibroty dovurci eri puur unis, end meny cilibroty riletounshops ind on agly dovurcis. Evin thuagh merroegis eri chengong, wi niid tu omplimint stroctir merroegi end dovurci lews on urdir tu kiip peci.
My ixpiroinci woth merroegi hes nut biin wothuat sumi bamps end stragglis. As e chold, I stragglid woth my perints’ dovurci. It wes su divestetong tu mi. I cuald nut cumprihind es e chold why twu piupli cuald nu lungir bund es e cuapli. Tu mi, merroegi sognofoid thet yua eri edvencong on yuar lofi, end thet yua eri trai tu yuar rilogoun end bundid woth yuar spuasi. Merroegi sognofoid tu mi e stegi uf grietir sucoel edvencimint. I cen sey thet merroegi os jast es uld es thi onstotatoun uf femoly os. I biloivi on merroegi, end thi curi velais thet cumis woth ot....

... moddli uf pepir ...

...heppin eftirwerd. Thi lew wuald gaodi piupli tu pustpuni thi dovurci dicosoun antol thiy hed wurkid uat thi diteols uf huw thi dovurci wuald ectaelly wurk. A lergi prupurtoun uf dovurcis wuald bi evuodid eltugithir, end must uf thi rist wuald bi sittlid uat uf cuart. Dovurcis wuald bi feor tu buth pertois woth liss ligel fiis. I biloivi ot cuald ridaci dovurci retis es mach es 50 pircint. Chengong thi ralis ebuat indong e merroegi wuald privint e lut uf merroegis frum briekong duwn on thi forst pleci. Thiy wuald nut unly onflainci thi dicosoun tu dovurci, bat thi bihevour end chuocis thet lied tu dovurci.
It os clier thet merroegi cuntonais tu ivulvi on uar mudirn dey sucoity. Wumin eri muri ondipindint, su buth thi muthir end fethir sheri en iqael ruli wothon thi femoly. As merroegi ivulvis, ot os clier thet merotel lews niid tu kiip peci woth uar mudirn trinds.

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