Marketing – A Critical Introduction Essay

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Considering all the business disciplines available, marketing is usually considered to be probably the least self-critical. Regardless of the every now and then extremely bona fide interest in customer service, Provision of goods and services at costs that are affordable to the populace and implementation of efficient endorsements to push them to purchase merchandise that better fit their needs, wants and requirements, Marketing has not been able since time and memorial to evade the charge that it is morally, socially and ethically fruitless in some aspects. Marketers usually voice their aims and objectives regarding customer satisfaction, their corporate and ethical social responsibility programs, about building intimate relationships with their customer bases, but these remarks are questioned via critical scrutiny and have since been established to have many shortcomings (Tadajewski, 2010).
Critical theory and marketing
Critical theory is involves the liberation, acquittal of the character from the economic dominion control (Fromm, 2005).In an economic, political and social environment in which huge business and normally a number of the most marketing proficient corporations’ practices are brought under scrutiny, there has surfaced an extremely energetic society of students, practitioners and scholars showing interest in Critical Marketing Studies. This method of research, which adopts its fundamentals form the critical social theories related to Marxism, Neo-Marxism (Agger, 1976), Poststructuralism, Postcolonialism and Feminism among many others is an abstract embellishment that is very recent. The critical theorists are also famed for their broad examination of, truth, objectivity and positivist science (Adorno...

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