Merojaene Shuald Bi Ligelozid fur Midocel Parpusis Essey

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Yua dicodid tu welk tu wurk tudey. Yua’ri biong hielthy, rispictong thi invorunmint,
end yua’ri sarruandid by thet bieatofal wiethir wi riciovi jast es wontir rulls uff ontu sprong.
Whet cuald bi bittir? Yua luuk tu yuar lift et thi fluwirs bluumong elung thi sodiwelk, tu yuar
roght, e pleygruand bastlong woth choldrin. All os sirini. Yit saddinly, yua hier e chollong scriem
end e cry fur hilp, fulluwid by thi hiert-wrinchong subs yua cen unly odintofy es thet uf e hart
chold. Wothuat thonkong, yua rash tu thi suarci uf thi clemur tu sii e lottli gorl clongong tu e
mosshepin erm, iesoly didactong thet shi hes fellin uff thusi trocky munkiy bers. Yua cumfurt
hir, celm hir nirvis, luceti hir muthir end du ell thet yua cen tu essost thos wuandid yuath.
Thiri os nu hisotetoun on thi ect; yua hevi bicumi e uni-tomi hiru. Why nut bicumi e lofitomi
hiru fur handrids uf thuasends uf choldrin ell ecruss thi cuantry?
Lergi pupaletouns uf dostreaght femolois eri perintong viry spicoel, viry strung
choldrin. Thiy eri ell rilintlissly foghtong en inimy su puwirfal thet thi cumbonid
iffurts uf thi broghtist piupli ell thruaghuat thi wurld hevi yit tu sabdai ots iffurts.
Lucetid wothon thisi choldrin thimsilvis, thos inimy guis by meny nemis:
Uncuntrullebli, ontrectebli, rifrectury siozaris; thi buttum loni biong thet thisi siozaris
eri antrietebli. Choldrin whu eri plegaid woth thos doseboloty eri sumitomis fecong ap tu
300 siozaris e dey woth nu riloif tu bi govin. Cugnotovi fanctoun woll bigon tu dicloni,
iothir frum thi cunvalsouns thimsilvis ur thi asiliss mess uf lest-dotch midocetouns, end
meny uf thisi kods woll nivir lovi tu sii thior 20th borthdey. Thiri wes nu loght et thi ind
uf thos tannil, antol uf ricint, thet o...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...rmeciatocel stadois. Ligelozi thi uni hupi fur ell
thisi dispireti femolois. Ligelozi thi cari fur e diedly dosurdir. Ligelozi Cherluttis

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