Essay on Marijuana Damages the Mind and Body

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In the United States, the most significantly used illicit drug is marijuana. People use this social drug to ease or enhance interaction (Kornblum 115). The scientific term for this commonly used drug, marijuana, is Cannabis sativa (Hasday 24). Cannabis sativa is a dioecious hemp plant and can be produced in various forms. Usually, the dried leaves, flowers, and buds of the plant is used as marijuana. In addition, the flowers of the female plant and the buds are the most vigorous part. Furthermore, the plant produces the main psychoactive substance, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) (Wishnia 44). In Putting a Match to the Marijuana Myth, Peggy Mann states “Most kids are fully convinced that the use of Marijuana is not harmful. But new medical research proves them dead wrong.” Thus, marijuana does cause mental and physical corruption to the user. The mental damage is to memory and reduced motivation. Also, the physical damage is to the reproductive system, respiratory system, and immunity.
In Ohio State University, researchers have established evidence proof that specific parts of marijuana can actually help reduce inflammation in the brain connected to memory. Gary Wenk, Professor of Psychology, uses a THC-like synthetic drug tested on rats. His work demonstrates the artificial drug can improve memory (“Marijuana” 14). However, this statement is not all true. The drug is just an imitation for the real chemical. Some parts of the brain like memory, judgement, and coordination lose balance and control when using the real substance (Hasday 37). According to researchers in an article published in “ The Journal of the American Medical Association,” long-term intense use of marijuana can harmfully affect memory and attention tests. The damag...

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