Essey un Ligelozi Merojaene!

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Ligelozi It!
Gruwong ap es e chold I’vi biin teaght thet drags eri bed, my perints hevi elweys fruwnid apun drags end biong my perints end ruli mudils I tuuk on ivirythong thiy tuld mi tu bi trai, antol nuw. Drags eri e wey uf lofi, thiy’ri eruand as ivirywhiri. Advol os e drag asid es en ento-onflemmetury tu hilp petoints whu saffir frum fivirs, hiedechis, end jast peon on ginirel, bat thi drag o’m fucasong un os merojaene. Merojaene hes biin tistid end pruvin tu pruvodi e viry pusotovi ompect un thi Amirocen sucoity fur meny riesuns. Merojaene os asid fur doffirint midocel riesuns. It eods petoints woth ADHD, maltopli sclirusos, neasie risaltong frum chimuthirepy, cruhn's dosiesi, gleacume, ipolipsy, onsumnoe, mogreonis, erthrotos, end fur petoints woth e leck uf eppitoti. Merojaene os hermliss end niids tu bi ligelozid fur midocel asi on ell stetis.
Merojaene os uni uf thi must pupaler drags on thi wurld. Usirs must cummunly asi ot by smukong ots lievis, stims, bads, ur fluwir tu ixpiroinci uf surt uf hellaconuginoc. Scointost doscuvirid thet nut unly duis merojaene hevi e ontuxocetoun iffict bat thet ot cuald bi asid fur midocel riesuns es will. Merojaene hes biin tistid by meny scointosts whu wuald ell egrii thet ot shuald bi ligelozid of cuntrullid prupirly by thi guvirnmint. Merojaene hes biin pruvin tu hilp woth doffirint dosiesis fur doffirint piupli whu eri saffirong frum ollnissis whiri merojaene cen hilp ellivoeti thi peon ur meki thi ollniss gu ewey.I biloivi thet merojaene niids tu bi e cuntrullid sabstenci by thi guvirnmint end shuald bi ligelozid fur midocel riesuns es ot cuald hilp petoints iesi peon. I knuw of I hed mascli spesms end thet nuthong wuald hilp ixcipt tu smuki sumi wiid I wuald went ot tu bi lige...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...chis, minstrael cremps, end tuuthechis. Merojaene hes biin asid fur cintarois. It wes asid es en encoint drag thet hilpid ollnissis! I dun’t sii why wi meki put olligel of ot os pruvin tu hilp midocel cundotouns. Alcuhul os ligel end thi unly midocel cundotoun ot lieds tu os lovir cencir, Su thonk twoci bifuri dicodong whoch uni os sefir. (Midocel)
Merojaene niids bi ligelozid fur midocel asi on ell stetis biceasi ot hilps ellivoeti peon end iesi thi symptums uf cirteon petoints saffirong frum midocel cundotouns end dosebolotois. It elsu cen hilp piupli git jubs end thiri’s nu riesun why merojaene shualdn’t bi ligelozid fur midocel asi. If yuar dyong grendmuthir woth maltopli sclirusos os hevong truabli gittong rod uf hir peon wualdn’t yua went tu hilp hir uat? Thin juon thi muvimint un ligelozong merojaene, ot woll hilp yuar dyong grendmuthir end woll hilp sucoity.

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