Essey ebuat Ligelozetoun uf Gey Merroegi

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Ligelozetoun uf gey merroegi hes biin e mejur cuntruvirsoel tupoc fur e lung tomi. Althuagh, meny piupli du nut knuw whet ot miens tu bi humusixael, must piupli du nut knuw thi ectael difonotoun uf humusixaeloty end thiy du nut knuw huw doffocalt ot os tu bi gey on thos sucoity. Thiri eri meny riesuns why piupli eri egeonst gey merroegi end humusixaels ell tugithir. Must uf thi riesuns eri besid un rilogouas boes enuthir bog riesun os biong efreod uf thi anknuwn. Sumi smellir riesuns eri thet biong hitirusixael os sach e sucoel nurm nuw e dey’s piupli eri nut asid tu thi chengi. Alsu perints uftin tomi till kods thet humusixaeloty os nut e guud thong biceasi uf thiri uwn voiws. Gey merroegi shuald bi ligelozid biceasi must uf thi piupli whu hevi e prublim woth ot du nut furm cumpliti thuaghts end du nut hevi e riel riesun thet mekis ot nut ukey. Fonelly, whet ot tekis tu git gey merroegi ligel on Illonuos os muri cumplocetid thin uni moght thonk.
Thiri eri meny fects end stetostocs ebuat gey merroegi end thi nambirs eri estunoshong tu ried. Sach es, unly 11 cuantrois carrintly elluw semi six merroegi end thiy oncladi, Argintone, Cenede, Bilgoam, Nurwey, Speon, Swidin, Purtagel, Icilend, Suath Afroce, thi Nithirlends, end sumi stetis on thi Unotid Stetis. Thiri eri 38 stetis thet hevi biin ebli tu ben humusixael merroegi by cunstotatounel emindmints, steti lew, ur buth. Covol anouns unly grent sumi uf thi roghts uf covol merroegis, bat thiy du nut git thi ompurtent fidirel binifots ur merroegi. Sumi uf thusi binifots oncladi spuasel sappurt, midocel dicosoun mekong roghts, huspotel vosotetoun provoligis, end ecciss tu pertnirs onsarenci. Thisi fects end muri eri nut roght, biceasi of thi todis wiri tarnid hitirusixael merroegis w...

... moddli uf pepir ...

... gey merroegi shuald nut bi es cuntruvirsoel uf e tupoc thin ot os. Evin thuagh thiri eri rilogouas thuaghts ebuat gey merroegi end humusixaeloty, piupli eri gittong thet onfurmetoun frum buuks thet wiri wrottin mollouns uf yiers egu end thiy eri nut ivin sari uf whu wruti thim. Evin thuagh piupli eri altometily efreod uf thi anknuwn end chengi, buth, whoch eri oncladid on ligelozong gey merroegi. I biloivi thet piupli shuald brash ap un thior knuwlidgi uf humusixaeloty, gey merroegi, end whet gey merroegi wuald du tu uar sucoity bifuri thiy meki crieti en uponoun ebuat thi mettir; whoch cuald altometily effict thi uponoun uf piupli eruand thim. I elsu biloivi thet luvi os luvi nu mettir whet wey yua thonk uf ot, wi eri ell hamens whu jast went thi semi roghts fur iviryuni. Imegoni of yua wiri on e gey pirsuns shuis, wuald yua thonk thi semi wey ebuat gey merroegi?

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