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When is comes down to it, we really don’t think too much about our brain and how it works. I know I didn’t before the introduction of this unit. But obviously we should as it is the base of our learning. Where and how we store information, how we make judgements, access information and problem solve, just to name a few. If we all looked at how complex and fantastic the human brain is, we may stop and think about the way in which we teach; perhaps have a better understanding that not all children work at the same level and that our environment can play a big part.

“What we are gathering from our efforts at the moment is a knowledge that the brain is infinitely more subtle than we had previously thought, and that everyone who has what ironically called the ‘normal brain’ has a much larger ability than was previously believed” (Buzan, T, 2006, p. 22). Our basic brain structure is divided into three parts; mindbrain, forebrain and hindbrain. Each have there own part to play. What makes up our brain are 100 billion nerve cells called neurons, which “store and transmit messages to other cells” (Krause, K, Bochner, S, Duchesne, S, McMaugh, A, 2010, p. 14). The neurons then travel along the axon (long arm type structure), when a cell is activated for information. It then travels across to the synapse which sends information out to the dendrites (which look like branches); they receive the messages. The axon is insulated with a fatty sheath called myelination. This improves the efficiency of the message being transmitted (Krause et al., 2010, p. 14). As our brain develops, “neurons grow in size and complexity which increases the connections between the network of cells, resulting in greater development” (Krause et al., 2010, p. 15 Figur...

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...b. Whether it be from an employer, family member or friend. I enjoy it when I can make someone happy from something I have done. Being acknowledged is wonderful!

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