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These learning objectives are provided to give the employee a better understanding of what will be taught and learned through this orientation course. These objectives are just the very basic to what will be taught.
Assessments and Measurements
There will be two areas in which the company will asses and measure where or not the employee understands the information in this module to the extent that the organization needs.
• Formative evaluations- With these evaluations the supervisors and the company will be periodically handing out quizzes throughout the course. This will give the company a better understanding as to whether the employee understands the information they are being provided. These quizzes will not have a major impact on the final outcome of one’s employment, but in turn is created to show management areas that employees may be lacking a full understanding. When safety is involved the company takes each and every employees ability to understand policy and procedure extremely seriously, and as such we must have a way to gage where the employee is at with his or her understanding. This will also provide management with data necessary so change can be made to the curriculum if necessary.
• Summative evaluations- Summative evaluations will come in two parts. Employees will be given a final quiz with his or her supervisor in regards to safety. This is a quiz where the supervisor will go over safety questions previously asked based on the equipment video as well as combined with other safety related topics discussed throughout the course. Employees will be required to answer the questions with a substantiated reasoning to reinforce their answers. They will be required to score a 90 percent on the final safety quiz ...

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...safely. Cornella Brothers Inc. main job is to have a productive day and everyone go home safe and healthy at the end of the day. Employees will have to pass a series of tests in order to continue their employment with the company. These tests are to show that the employee has the knowledge needed to be a safe employee.

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