Kolb's Experiential Learning Cycle Essay

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David Kolb published his learning styles theory, in 1984, after many years of
development. His theory stated that people learn in two different steps, inputting
information and processing information. How people do this is also different.
Think of inputting information on a vertical line, one person may prefer concrete
examples at the top and abstract concepts at the bottom. Processing information is
on a horizontal line with active experimentation on the left and reflective
observation on the right. So there are four stages to this cycle:
1. Concrete Experience - (CE)
2. Reflective Observation - (RO)
3. Abstract Conceptualization - (AC)
4. Active Experimentation - (AE)
And there is a four-type definition of learning styles:
1. Accommodators (CE/AE)
2. Divergers (CE/RO)
3. Assimilators (AC/RO)
4. Convergers (AC/AE)
Accommodators are those who prefer concrete experiences for inputting
information and active experimentation for processing information. If you picture a
graph with a horizontal and vertical line an a...

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