Knee Brace: An Athlete's Uniform Essay

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When an athlete catches the sound of their knee crack and pop, they better prepare themselves for a long journey. The Center for Injury and Policy (CIRP), from Science Daily, reports that, “Knees are the most accident prone part of the body in high school athletes.” Knee injuries are very common; in fact, they are responsible for 45% of the injuries that occur in high school athletics across America. Knee injuries are well known to not just those in the medical field, but also to athletes. Injuries to the knee are caused by many factors, and what happens after the injury has taken place is what’s most concerning (Science Daily).
So what causes athletes to tumble to the ground? According to the Osteoarthritis Health Center, “The knee is a vulnerable joint.” The knee is a complex system, made up of many parts that are made like delicate pieces of glass; they can easily be destroyed. The knee is formed by tendons, cartilage, ligaments, muscle, and some bone (Web MD). All of these components are sensitive pieces of the body. The Knee Pain Health Center suggests that the knee experiences wear and tear every day from a variety of activities. Sports, running, and even walking wear down the building blocks of the knee; the most common worn part is cartilage. Knees injuries are unpredictable. Aggressive actions, also suggested from the Knee Pain Health Center, includes any twisting or forceful turning. A swing of a bat, or winning tackle, puts the knee at risk for injury. Athletics that are dangerous to the knee include softball, basketball, volleyball, hockey, baseball, gymnastics, and football (Web MD).
Athletics are sometimes blamed completely for knee injuries, but athletics are not always the main cause of knee injuries. Knee inju...

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