The Issues Surrounding the Possibility of Modern Day Artificial Cloning Essay

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With the invention of cloning, several important questions have arisen. There are many incorrect ideas of what human cloning is. Cloning is the creation of an organism that is an exact genetic copy of another. This means that every single part of DNA is the same between the two. Because of this definition, any identical twin could also be considered a clone. However, it is artificial cloning that has sparked the interest of scientists in our time.
There are three different types of artificial cloning: genetic cloning, molecular cloning and therapeutic cloning, but human and animal cloning is done through genetic cloning. Genetic cloning occurs when a body cell is taken from an embryo in an early stage of development. The nucleus is then transferred to an unfertilized ovum from which the nucleus has been removed. The daughter cells from the earliest divisions are removed, and grown in culture or implanted into host mothers. Genetically identical offspring to that from which the original cell was taken is then produced.
The first attempts at artificial cloning started at the beginning of this century. An embryologist named Adolph Edward Driesch allowed the eggs of a sea urchin to develop into the two-blastosphere stage (the early stage of embryonic development in humans and animals), and then he separated them by shaking them and then allowing them to grow.  However, he couldn’t explain his experiments, so he gave up his study of embryology. Over the following years, many other scientists tried to duplicate Driesch’s work, but their attempts failed. 
In 1962, a scientist named John Gurdon developed the method of "nuclear transfer". This is a two step process. First, he used needles and a microscope to suck the n...

... middle of paper ... give and take life, and that nearly every aspect of cloning is abnormal and wrong. The Church poses many questions that scientists can never answer no matter how many experiments they may try. For example: If a human being were cloned, would they have a soul? If a person is cloned from the same DNA as its mother, does it have parents? If human beings have the right to create life, would that give us the right to destroy what they have created? There are no good answers to these questions, which those who are religious take issue with.
We chose this topic because of it’s relevance in our lives. During our lifetime, the first human clone could come to be. We could even know a person who might choose to be cloned. Or one of us could be cloned. We are, however, split of the issue. One of us supports human cloning, while the other finds it morally corrupt.

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