Is the Military Developing Technology to Create Super Soldiers? Essay

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Is the military developing technology to create super soldiers?, For the past few decades our nation has awaited the answer to this question…and now they have it, the military is indeed developing technology to create soldiers to perform unimaginable feats of strength, speed, and endurance. Our nation has been speculating for years whether it was even possible to create super soldiers. With today’s advances in technology and all the creative minds out there we have come to the conclusion that super soldiers are possible; the only question is when they will become operational.
The origin and inspiration behind all the research and development for the creation of super soldiers starts with not science, but fiction, when Marvel comic book creators Joe Simon and Jack Kirby created the iconic superhero Captain America in 1941, to be a symbol of hope to the American people after the tragedy of Pearl Harbor. “Captain America started off as a young man named Steve Rogers, an art student who decided to join the war effort and support his country during World War II, but due to the fact that he was physically inadequate recruiters wouldn’t accept him. After his rejection, Rogers was approached by General Chester Phillips and was asked if he wanted to serve his country by being a part of Project “Rebirth”, and with a super soldier serum, they created the icon (“Captain America”).
Years later in 1963, Marvel comic book’s owner, Stan Lee, created Tony Stark also known as “Iron Man”, a billionaire playboy inventor with extraordinary intelligence who owns his own arms manufacturing company. While in Vietnam testing one of his new weapons, he is caught in a booby trap and is captured by enemy forces. Stark now with a piece of shrapnel moving t...

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