Is Media Violence At Fault For Societal Violence? Essay

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The links between media and societal violence are only to be assumptions of the public. For one thing there are many other contributors to violence; so, how is anyone really sure that media is at greater fault. Media violence these days is really just a replica to society's everyday life. Without such activity taken in real life there would be no ideas for music, movies, television, basically nothing for the news crew to talk about. So the real question would have to be, is societal violence a contributor to media violence?
Violence in entertainment is the violence that has always been a part of human life. News is a trend toward "reality-based" made-for-television, movies, lurid information, and videos that demonstrate actual proceedings. Many of these types of publications are involving more re-enactments of crimes or of brutality captured on tape. Mike Oppenheim, a physician and freelance writer, wrote an essay named "TV isn't violent enough". He writes about that television is not violent enough and explains that because of the media showing such clean results and not showing the actual reality of things, the audience would assume that guns and fist fighting are a good clean way to get out of bad situations. And Mr. Jacoby a columnist for "Boston Globe", wrote an essay about how constant exposure of sex through media has worn-out its audience. "Children, in the city, who dodge bullets on the way home from school, are mostly effected by the customs of TV violence", says Leonard Eron a psychology professor at the University of Michigan and a researcher for TV violence. In his argument he said, "The child who has been watching programs with primarily aggressive content comes away with the impression that the world is...

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