The Internet and Ratings of Entertainment Products Essay

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Today, there are hundreds of thousands of movies and books and games and music albums available in the market that needs rating. And even though the ratings are always a source that is available for the public to use, it is very easy to get these ratings now verses the 20th century, through the Internet. The Internet allows people to easily get access to these ratings done by websites that use specific procedures that they use every time they rate a movie or a game or music for consistency. By allowing easy access to these specific ratings, people are able to see which content is appropriate for their children as well as the accurate reasons why. The specific rating procedures that websites use to rate movies, books, music and games make them an excellent source to the general public.
To begin with, the Internet has websites that use an extremely reliable procedure to rate movies, games, books, and music. They decide the ratings completely with the content provided in the movie and are never influenced by other outside sources. Common Sense Media, a website that rates media says that they make, ”unbiased ratings [that] are conducted by expert reviewers and are not influenced by the creators or by our funders,”(Common Sense Media, 1). Due to the fact that they decide ratings without the influence of the donators or the people who actually make the products of media, it is proved that they are not being bribed to rate the media high in quality, making the website reliable, and one that anyone can trust without a doubt. And it is not just for movies; even games are a type of entertainment that websites rate using specific procedures. In one website, the raters on the board, ”evaluate the content of each game in advance of its public ...

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...ebsites that use the same, specific procedure to rate every time.

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