Essay on Interactive Planning Project for Military Women

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Caffarella and Daffron (2013) interactive model has laid its roots deep into the art of planning programs for adults. This model has been utilized in almost every high level/corporate program or even in everyday social activities. Its importance and the need cannot be underestimated when it comes to cost cutting, saving time and planning with thorough research and in ethical terms. This project of Women's Leadership in the Military, had required several of Caffarella and Daffron (2013) model structures listed points in order to make their project work.
The project has been designed to honor and appreciate all the women taking up leadership roles within the military division. Being a woman and taking up such enormous responsibility is a success and win on it’s own and something that should be highlighted and honored with pride all over the world. While we had to organize and manage such an important and huge event, Caffarella and Daffron (2013) interactive model served as a useful tool for us to work through for a smoother and efficient event. Just like to discuss in their model, every other program requires a certain specific components of the model to be included. If the whole model will be applied or not, if the same order will be used or not, depends on the program that is being organized. Different kinds of programs require different ways in which they will be built and executed.
I had been a part of the logistics group in this project and we had to really put our heads together to design and come up with several ideas to make all the computer designing related activities. Caffarella and Daffron (2013) models most prominent and useful component being the technology used to cut down time wastage and to make the pr...

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...ns were made which affected the outcomes of the event. We should have had a weekly project planning system worked out which would have also saved us from losing a week during the project. In the future though, more should be spoken of military personnel and their accomplishments. From all the hard work we did, we always have mistakes that help us remember what to do better next time. In this case, the venue, time of the event, its marketing should have been more high profile to buzz in more audience. More resources should be added for the next time, but we did cover a lot of ground in this event and it was laid out in detail with focus. The event, indeed, turned out to be more amazing than expected!

Caffarella, R. S. & Daffron, S. R. (2013). Planning programs for adult learners:
A practical guide (3rd ed.). San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

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