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The business environment is constantly changing as time goes by. There are several factors that affect the aspects of the business environment such as benefits, costs, and risks of conducting business. The type of business, economic, government, and legal influences are major contributors to the business environment, Riordan Manufacturing, Huffman Trucking, Kudler Fine Foods, McBride Financial Services, The Elias Group, and Smith Systems are business that are affecting by those influences. Types of business may include sole proprietorship, partnership, limited partnership, corporation, limited liability partnership, limited liability company, c-corporation, and s-corporation.
Riordan Manufacturing, Inc. is a global plastics manufacturer partnership that was founded in 1991. (Ecampus) The partnership makes it possible to raise more capital and to share ownership responsibilities. Like the sole proprietorship, the partnership arrangement carries unlimited liability for the owners.(Foundations) While the partnership offers the advantage of sharing possible losses, it presents the problem of owners with unequal wealth having to absorb losses. (Foundations)
It manufactures products such as plastic beverage containers, plastic fan parts, heart valves, and medical stents. Economic influences on the business environment are interest rates, inventory levels, consumer confidence, unemployment rate, and gross national product. All of these have a drastic effect on the business.
Government influences include regulations, export restrictions, import tariffs and quotas, and government debt. The government influences can help or cause major problems for a business. The changes in regulations will force the business to meet and stay up to ...

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... sued, engage in contracts, and acquire property. It provides information technology services primarily in the Western United States. SSC strives for excellence when providing development solutions, strengthening existing business processed and implementation services. Its business is influenced by economic, government, and legal changes.
The economic influences that affect SSC are interest rates, monetary policies, inflation rate, unemployment rate, and consumer confidence. Interest rates are rates that is charged or paid for the use of money while inflation rates increase the price of goods and services. Unemployment rate and consumer confidence have a drastic affect on business. If unemployment rises,

consumer confidence will decline as well as business and revenue. The government influences are regulations, payroll taxes, budget deficit, and government debt.

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