In the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time Essay

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It was November 19th 2009 the day I wish never happened. I was at the wrong place at the wrong time doing things I regret to this day.
People shouting rioting about the new law, from what started to a simple protest to an all out civil war. The clouds were black a line of riot shield officers giving instructions pleading for every one to stop but no one listened. Some people didn’t even know what every one was rioting for they just saw it as a chance to steal and provide for themselves or family. Their, were stones being thrown in midair with a mix of newspapers set on fire.
I was trying to escape knowing what the consequences were if I stayed behind and contributed to the chaos. I believed what they were rioting for but this wasn’t what was planned. But before I could escape I was struck on the head by a stone it stopped my movement and knocked me out in a blink of an eye. While I was out cold I felt like I was being dragged across the floor well it would explain the scar that I found across my head.
I found my self awake in darkness gasping for air unable to move I heard some voice...

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