The Importance of Content and Process in Teaching Essay

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Student success depends on the teachers love of the material and a willingness to convey that love and knowledge to the students. However, when content matters more than anything else, teachers are sidetracked from using methods or strategies that enhance student learning. This hurts students and faculty as well because neither are reaching their full potential.
Some teachers think the best way to improve their teaching is to develop their content knowledge. When teachers have this outlook on teaching they end up with high levels of knowledge, but do not have the instructional methods and strategies needed to relay their knowledge to their students. Content knowledge is no more important than process knowledge, both are essential. What we teach and how we teach it are very important to one another.
Although both of these types of knowledge are essential, the development of one does not improve the other. Content knowledge can be improved through further studies, but if the strategies used to relay that knowledge are subpar, teaching will still be ineffective. Teachers tend to try to blame their ineffective teaching on everything imaginable, from the students to lack of materials. It is ultimately the teachers responsibility to weave content knowledge and process knowledge together to ensure a successful classroom.
The best teachers may not always have the strongest content knowledge but they do know their material, they also know a lot about the process. They have several instructional methods, strategies, and approaches—a collection they continually work on, just as they develop content knowledge. They value the importance of the power of the process to determine student learning outcomes.
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