The Importance of Conflict for Self Growth Essay examples

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Conflict is part of life. In fact, without conflict, there would be no progress through personal and community situations and it probably wouldn’t even make us who we are. It is through conflict that we learn to control our emotions and give ourselves the opportunity to learn and grow. It also allows us open ourselves to other opinions and viewpoints. During this, we may have to face tough decisions and will often make mistakes, but all these will help us to grow in wisdom and consideration of others to become better individuals. There are many types of conflicts but a few that really stand out for me are conflict in families, through the environment and the conflict of war.

Conflict can occur in many situations. One of these is through family. Conflict can happen when family members have different views or beliefs that clash, or when people misunderstand each other and jump to the wrong conclusion. This can often result in arguments and resentment. Families can learn and grow through situations like this. Instead of disagreeing with each other they can learn to understand the views and feelings of one another to work out a solution.

This is shown in the TV show Packed to the Rafters (Lee) where the family often disagrees with one another. In one episode Dave takes his son Nathan on as his job organiser. As they are father and son this causes many disputes between the two. Nathan Says ‘ok this is your business we’re talking about remember, no ones going to do it for us’. Dave replies with ‘yer exactly, it’s my business and your treating me like some dumb-chewing apprentice!’ and Nathan replies with ‘well it’s hard not to when your acting like one!’ But always in the end they resolve the conflict which only brings them close...

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...any cases into real men and women.

This is shown is Saving Private Ryan (Spielberg). Every man in the movie grows up and they all take responsibility for their actions, even though most of them die. It is mainly through Ryan that we really see him grow from a country boy into to a real man. It is through the conflict of war that changes people and enables them to grow into mature human beings.

It is through conflicts, that people will learn and grow and realize how much they need each other, we will gain understanding of how blessed we are and it will change people and enables them to grow into mature human beings. It is through conflict that we can gain a better understanding about ourselves and the others around us and we are able to grow within ourselves to have a better understanding about the world. It is through conflict that we can become better people.

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