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Effectively integrating information technology (IT) into an organization’s business processes is critical if the organization wants to increase productivity and remain profitable. IT includes items such as the systems software, application software, computer hardware, and the networks and databases that help manage the organization’s information. When implementing quality standards and processes that are forever changing in the IT world, organizations must balance these changes while continuing to rapidly implement new systems technologies in order to stay competitive.

Quality improvements in IT delivery and service support can be improved by measuring and tracking user satisfaction, integration and flexibility early on in the decision process and reinforcing them throughout the review process. Adhering to quality management best practices means ensuring that quality standards are strictly enforced and entrenched into the organization’s philosophy. Even though Total Quality Management (TQM) has been replaced by other quality methodologies in many cases, organizations that have taken the long arduous journey to properly implement TQM benefited from it immensely [1]. While TQM may be perceived by many employees as just another passing fad that will soon fall by the wayside, the environmental conditions that exist within the organization will determine if TQM can be successfully implemented and take root.

What is Total Quality Management (TQM)?
TQM is a system of continuous improvement of work processes to enhance the organization’s ability to deliver high-quality products or services in a cost-effective manner [2]. The focus of TQM is to improve customer satisfaction and reduce waste [3]. Customers include ...

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