Illegal Immigrants in The United States Essay

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For many years, people from all over the world have come to the United States seeking a better life for themselves, their spouse, their children and even their children's children. However, not every immigrant comes into this country legally and many of these illegal immigrants are poor, uneducated and may be carrying contagious diseases. They may arrive here via human trafficking, smuggling or other methods. There is one thing we know for sure that many of them choose to remain silence when they become victims. The three main reasons they become invisible victims are they are not aware they are victimized, they don't know the right way to ask for help and they are afraid to be fired or even deported.
Illegal immigrants in the United States usually come from less developed countries or at least poorly developed regions of these countries. These illegal immigrants carry a totally different knowledge of culture, legal system and human rights when they came into this country. The most these people are victimized is when they are working, sometimes, these people can't even realized when they have become victims. Because of their status, illegal immigrants, it is very rare that they can find good positions in considerably big companies to start with. Usually, small businesses will take the risk to hire illegal immigrants, sometimes it may be because of these small businesses are trying to help those illegal immigrants who share same nationality with them, but, for most of the time, these undocumented migrant workers are much cheaper and easier to manipulate.
Most illegal immigrants consider working for people who share the same nationality with them, because of language issues. When this happens, highly li...

... middle of paper ... provide their children a better future; some of them end up here because of human trafficking or smuggling, so they need to work hard to pay their debt. No matter what the reason is, they can't afford to lose their job or be deported back to their own country. Most of these illegal immigrants are carrying too much weight on their shoulders. Most problems are not big deals comparing to lose a job, because they believe that as long as they can keep their jobs for living in this country, there is a hope to become legal one day.
Illegal immigrants victims are invisible, because they are not aware of their situation, they don't know to get help or they are afraid to be fired and deported. No matter what reasons are causing them invisible, one thing we know for sure is that these reasons are giving other people opportunities to hurt illegal immigrants.

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