Idenitifying the Ideal Confidant: The Slipper, The Blabbermouth, The Discerner, and The Stronghold

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People are mysterious, and even the most open book is full of secrets. An eight-year-old girl, with seemingly nothing to hide, will guard her diary with fierceness much like a mother protecting her young. Whether she is trying to hide something, or simply protecting her feelings, she is a picture of the very nature of people not wanting their lives open for public scrutiny. This begs to question how people choose those who are worthy of knowing their secrets. People often fail to thoroughly contemplate the potential consequences of a deficient confidant, diminishing the failure of some and bestowing misguided honor on others. They seek the Stronghold believing they are the only trustworthy confidants. Fortunately, with some focused assessment, an informer can evaluate a potential confidant by looking at certain behaviors. If informers will fully consider the actions and moral reasoning of all the types of confidants, they will quickly see the Stronghold they seek is not the ideal.
The Slipper is a tricky confidant to spot unless you’re on the receiving end of the tell-tale reveal: “Don’t tell anyone, but…” The problem with this type of confidant is that if they’re sharing someone else’s secrets with you, chances are they’re sharing your secrets with someone else. This brand of information transfer is likely to resemble a children’s game of telephone as the story morphs with each whisper. The Slipper understands the need for secrecy and truly believes they are keeping confidence when they share intimate information. Apparently, a short preface limiting their liability and a hushed voice fall within the confines of their informant’s plea for confidentiality. The problem is, that in the process of indul...

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...he Discerner is the only confidant that truly has the best interest of the informant at heart. They have a clear view of their moral lines, which would normally forbid them from betraying a confidence, but that requires them to love and protect others before themselves. Even facing the potential criticisms, they sacrifice themselves for the sake of the informant. Gentry’s song portrays types of people whose only commonality is their circumstance. He refers to them as each being “a spoke in the wheel.” When spinning in the common wheel of secrecy, whatever the moral reasoning of these confidants, they each have their own unique manner. In evaluating their behaviors and moral reasoning, it becomes evident the Discerner stands apart from the rest as the ideal confidant.

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Gentry, Montgomery. “Takes All Kinds.” Some People Change. Sony, 2006. CD.

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