How Technology is Impacting Education Essay

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Technology is growing every day. We use technology for everything we do, sometimes without even thinking about it. In our world, these advancements are used for communicating, entertainment, and education as well as others. Since technology is so ingrained into our lives, how much we use and depend on it is often not thought about. Our education system is on the front end of using new technology in classrooms. More and more class room and teachers are weaving it into their lesson plans and making it more available for students to use in the classroom. Technology is changing the way students are educated in America and across the world. In this paper I will discuss several ways that this can be seen and improved.
While there are several ways that education is affecting and can be properly put into an education system, there are a few ways that will be the most effective. This are the building blocks for a strong foundation; making technology in the class room a school wide program, incorporating what is learned using technology with other mediums of learning, teach students how technology affects them in ways outside the classroom, and make sure that teachers are using technology in their class rooms effectively and are proficient in the technology themselves.
It is first important to understand how many students are affected by this new way of educating. The United States of America currently has a population of 317,184,764 people. The U.S. is currently ranked 3rd in overall population following China and India. (Bureau, 2013) It is mandatory that each child goes to school until they are at the legal age of 18 or the age of 16 with parent consent. As of a 2010 there were a total of 75,286 thousand students attending school in t...

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... it is definite that technology will improve listening, questioning, psychomotor, and social-affective development as well as numerous other benefits. (Can-Yasar,2012). Advancements in technology will continue to affect children in classrooms and everyone in society, and precautions must be made to keep up with this growth.

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