How is Proper Nutrition Among Client’s Influenced by Purnell’s Model of Cultural Competence

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How is Proper Nutrition Among Client’s Influenced by Purnell’s Model of Cultural Competence

Healthcare providers particularly nurses operate in a health care environment that reflects the diversity and cultural ramification of the more prominent society. The diversity of clients is altered and related to culture, and other factors. Nutritional health issues are one aspect of care that needs to be recognized with sensitivity in regards to cultural differences (Dennis & Small, 2003). The author focuses on understanding Larry D. Parnell’s Model of Cultural Competence as a framework in facilitating the delivery of proper nutrition on clients with unique practices and beliefs.
According to WordWeb nutrition is the organic process of nourishing or being nourished; the processes by which an organism assimilates food and uses it for growth and maintenance. Culturally speaking, it is a label that determines our appertaining or distinctness from a group (Purnell, 2005). Preferences in food are also shaped not only by world view, individual health beliefs but also by, migration, gender, age and a number of other factors ( Gallegos, 2006). The essence of food; food selection, practices and rituals; enzyme deficiencies; and how food and food substances are utilized in health promotion, wellness and during illness as well (Purnell, 2005). The effect of cultural influences impacts on the nutritional health of the patients. To start with, is the consideration of a vegetarian, who may find that the diet has a positive effect upon his nutritional health. This particular aspect of nutrition may be a cultural belief, though it can be a dietary practice. The article by Segasothy & Phillips (1999) cites at the whole scope of the vegetarian diet and...

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... Division of Psychiatry, UMDS (Guy's Campus), London.

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